Boxx-E A really spicy box

150c + Drybox

900w Tempco 110v A/c fin heater

Crydom SSR

Custom controller board

Stand alone/web Gui  “Mainsail/Fluidd

Dimensions  L/W/H    346mm/290mm/276mm “OD”

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Introducing Boxx-E, your ultimate solution for high-temperature dry and print storage needs! Designed to accommodate temperatures of 150°C and beyond, Boxx-E ensures your sensitive materials remain in pristine condition, free from moisture and contaminants.

With Boxx-E, you can confidently store and maintain the integrity of your filament, resin, or other temperature-sensitive materials, whether for 3D printing, electronics, or any other application requiring precise environmental control.

Klipper ready, Boxx-E seamlessly integrates with your Klipper-based setup, offering compatibility and convenience. Its robust construction and sealed design offer durability and reliability, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding environments.

Boasting a 900W tempco fin heater, Boxx-E delivers consistent and reliable heating, providing optimal conditions for your materials. This heater ensures efficient temperature control, safeguarding your prints and preventing moisture absorption during storage and printing processes.

But why is a heated dry box essential for printing high-performance polymers like PEEK, PESU, or ULTEM? These advanced materials are highly sensitive to moisture, which can compromise their mechanical properties and print quality. By storing them in a heated dry box like Boxx-E, you create a controlled environment with low humidity, eliminating the risk of moisture absorption and ensuring consistent print results.

Equipped with intuitive controls, Boxx-E makes operation effortless, allowing you to set and monitor temperature levels with ease. Its sleek and compact design makes it a perfect fit for any workspace, while its quiet operation ensures minimal disruption.

Whether you’re a professional in the additive manufacturing industry or an enthusiast looking to preserve your materials, Boxx-E is your trusted partner for high-temperature dry and print storage. Invest in Boxx-E today and kick out moisture


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