Light sticks

Price is per module,   Harness and splitter pcb not included


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Designed and open-sourced by bartlammers aka BLAMM! the Daylight on a Stick is a chainable 24V LED bar and gives the illusion of daylight in your Voron. Great when making photo’s of your prints, or want to see the colors how they will look in the outside world.     More info HERE


sticks are populated with 2 right angle jst xh 2 pin and JB2835AWT-W-U40GA0000-N0000001 for the most accurate pictures



Pcb splitter is populated with 3 2 pin jst xh  .STL HERE

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Daylight, Daylight Match stick, Disco, Disco Match Stick

1 review for Light sticks

    Light sticks photo review
    Daniel Hansen
    March 26, 2023
    I reached out to Provok3d about this light kit. Explained what my expectations were. My expectations were definitely met. Kit is exactly as described, I purchased the add ons to make the installation a breeze. Total time from unpackaging to having lights installed (obviouisly after Parts were printed, which is linked also) was under 30 min. Thank you Provok3d for the light kit!!!

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