GripTec+™ Bed Adhesive


Package includes:  120ml bottle of GripTec+™ Bed Adhesive x1

Instructions for use:

  • Clean build surface with water/soap, windex, alcohol
  • Apply adhesive evenly on build surface
  • Print part
  • Remove part – instructions below.


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Part removal:

  • Low temp materials (under 300°C):  When you’re extruding below 300ºC, generally you can remove the part as soon as the plate cools. With materials like PLA or PETG, it usually pops itself off the plate. If it sticks too much, you can apply water around the base of the part, which will help it release.


  • Tech Tip for Using ABS on Glass:  ABS contracts very quickly when it cools; because of this, the risk of chipping, chunking, or breaking glass is higher with ABS. We recommend using Kapton Tape, PEI, or some other type of protective surface on top of glass and then applying this adhesive when printing ABS.


  • High temp materials (over 300°C):  When you’re extruding over 300ºC, remove the part as quickly as possible. You want the build plate and part to be HOT when you remove it.  We have seen many high-temp materials contract very quickly when cooling causing glass to break in a very short period of time.




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