Provok3d Nozzle Adxl

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  • Pat Pending: US 18/467,184
  • 4 Layer PcB
  • Surface finish: ENIG/gold plated   INFO HERE
  • Mounts where you need to measure vibrations
  • No extra parts needed for installation
  • Stm32 based Shipped/Pre flashed with Ampon  a fork of Crampon
  • Plug n Play
  • Version 1.3 uses f042 branch v 1 uses f072 branch of ampon
  • Water-heater Compatible



How to read Input shaper/Belt shaper and comparisons  By The Original Reth  >HERE< And >HERE<

A great write up showing comparisons by Einstein’s V2  >HERE<

Adxl storage case insert .STL >Download<



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The hole in the PCB is designed to fasten the device directly onto the heater block with the nozzle “hard mounting”, which eliminates the need for additional hardware and reduces installation complexity. The device can be easily installed and removed from the heater block with the nozzle without the need for additional tools.
When it comes to mounting an accelerometer, hard mounting is generally considered to be a better option compared to using plastic mounting.

Here are some reasons why:
Better accuracy: Hard mounting an accelerometer directly onto the surface of the test object provides a more accurate measurement of the vibration. This is because the accelerometer is in direct contact with the object, and there is no potential for the accelerometer to shift or move during testing, which could introduce errors in the measurement. In contrast, plastic mounting can introduce some flexibility or movement between the accelerometer and the test object, which can lead to inaccuracies in the measurement.
Increased sensitivity: Hard mounting an accelerometer can increase its sensitivity to low-level vibrations. By mounting the accelerometer directly onto the surface of the test object, it can pick up even subtle vibrations that might not be detected using a plastic mounting. This can be particularly important for applications where precise measurement of low-level vibrations is critical.

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4 reviews for Provok3d Nozzle Adxl

    May 17, 2024
    Very easy to use, love mounting directly to the nozzle instead of the clamp style, no chance of it being loose
    Liam Raithel – Derpimus
    October 3, 2023
    I received one of these bad boys with an order to try out. Steps for setup were amazingly simple. Mount on the nozzle, plug it in, copy stuff from the repo, and type shaper_calibrate. Ampon makes using this adxl so easy. No messing around with USB IDs or anything. Very happy with this product and it will be my go-to adxl from here on out.
    Ryan B
    July 26, 2023
    Very quick and easy to use.
    Provok3d Nozzle Adxl photo review
    May 9, 2023
    OMGAH, so easy and really accurate In the past i've used printed nozzle adxls and CANboard adxls but this one just mounts right on and doesn't require having duponts or a JST hanging vertically, so you dont need your Z height too high Only suggestion i'd have is maybe adding a washer between the nozzle/bolt and the adxl, so you don't mar up the adxl's mount hole (i haven't done this yet, but id assume as long as its tight it should be fine, so far i've been using it without a washer) it's nice that it was pre-flashed and i don't need to search for a usb id, its just plug and play with the pre-config'd accelerometer info in the ampon repo.

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