Switchwire Printed Parts Kit


SKU: Functional | Cosmetic-2-1
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Printed parts are printed on demand, They will not ship immediately. 

Please leave a note on your order with the fusion main color you want

Kits are printed to Voron’s recommended print setting specifications

Top Layers : 5
Bottom Layers : 5
Wall Count: 4
Infill : 40%
Layer Height: 0.2
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4

This kit includes (Subject to change based on Voron’s latest design files at the time of printing




Functional part kit:

all the parts to get your build running minus the cosmetics

Functional +Cosmetics:

All the parts  functional and Cosmetics “panel mounting/ filter/ skirts/ etc”

Stealth Burner multi color:

Face will be printed in main color for the first 3-5 layers then the rest in accent color

Additional information

Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in
Main Parts

Black, Fusion Filaments

Accent parts

Hatchbox Neon Green, Fusion Filaments Geomagnetic Mauve, Fusion Filaments Cosmic Ray Blue, Fusion Filaments Red Dwarf, Fusion Filaments Electrolytic Deuterium, Fusion Filaments Thorium Thilver, Fusion Filaments Radioactive Orange, Fusion Filaments Alpha Particle Orange, Fusion Filaments Interstellar Emerald, Fusion Filaments Radium Green 2.0, Fusion Filaments Tritium Green, Fusion Filaments Cold Fusion Blue, Fusion Filaments Ionized Cobalt Black, KvP Flourescent Yellow, KvP Voron Red, KvP Stellar Blue, KvP Purple, KvP Orange, paramount Decepticon Purple, Paramount Harajuku Pink, Paramount Autobot Blue, Paramount Silver Dollar, Paramount Enzo Red, Paramount McLaren Orange, Paramount Gold Krugerrand, Paramount Mid Century Modern Teal


Functional, Functional + Cosmetics

Tool Head

After Burner, Stealth Burner, Stealth Burner Multicolor

Hot end

Mosquito, Dragon, V6, BMO, BMS, Revo Micro, Revo Voron


Formbot, LDO, Self source


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