EVA 3.0


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Printed in 3do Rat rig green asa/ Black asa


EVA is a 3D printing carriage platform revolving around accessibility – the goal is to give the power of choice to the users by enabling as many options for carriage hardware as possible. The “platform” part means a few things, for one EVA is a specification – a 3D printer can be EVA compatible (not the other way around – EVA is not to be compatible with a printer) thus automatically acquiring all the hardware compatibility EVA brings and will bring in it’s future versions. New versions appear with compatibility for new hardware. Aside from being a spec, EVA also comes with a set of parts ready to use on compatible printers.

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Boxxy Prints Is a Authorized reseller  –  10% of EVA 3.0 sale’s goes to Pawel Kucmus for his awesome work!!

Additional information

Weight N/A

Nuts, Heat inserts

Kinematic type

CoreXY, Cartesian


Tri-Horn, Volcano, Default

Cooling inlet

40mm, Dual 5015, Single 5015


Bmg, LGX, LGX Lite, Orbiter 1.5, Orbiter 2.0


BMO, Mosquito, Nova, Rapido, Revo Voron


8mm, Bl touch, Bl touch volcano


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