NanoFlow™ Nozzle


Package Contains:

  • Nano coated tungsten carbide nozzle  x1
  • Grade K20/WC 94%
  • Hardness(HRA)  >90.00


  • 3200–3400 HV
  • μ 0.15
  • Max temp 600°C

A Brumbpo tungus design

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Key Features:

  • Advanced Geometric Design: The NanoFlow™ Nozzle is engineered with a unique internal geometry that optimizes the flow of melted filament. This design significantly minimizes back pressure, in turn reducing required extrusion force, ensuring smoother, more reliable extrusion and reducing the risk of clogs or jams.
  • Enhanced Heat Transfer: Our nozzle doesn’t just excel at reducing back pressure; it’s also a champion of heat transfer. The special geometry facilitates better heat transfer within the melt zone. This means the filament reaches its ideal viscosity more evenly and maintains it throughout the printing process.
  • Nano Coating Technology: The NanoFlow™ Nozzle is treated with a cutting-edge nano coating rated to thrive in temperatures up to 600°C (MAX). This robust coating is highly abrasion and corrosion resistant, boasting a hardness from 3200 to 3400 HV. Not only that, but it’s lubricious as well, aiding in smoother flow of filament (μ 0.15) while also reducing the likelihood of filament sticking to the nozzle. This is especially beneficial when working with high-temperature materials or when executing prints that demand precision and reliability.

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